HEPA VAC and Pre-Separator

Dust containment

 Item #85993

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The PALLMANN® HEPA VAC and Pre-Separator provides a 99%  particle separation rate before it reaches the filter of the vacuum, providing the ultimate in dust containment of wood sanding and concrete dust. The lightweight maneuverable design allows for ease of use on job-sites, and commercial grade HEPA filter provides the dust containment that your customers demand. Non-marking wheels, easy disposal of dust using standard bags, and anti-static conductive hose and cyclone are a few of the key features of the PALLMANN® HEPA VAC.

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Features - Benefits
• HEPA H14 filter - OSHA compliant
• Reverse pulse filter - Automatically flushes filter
• Pre-Separator design - Constant suction power
• 99% particle separation rate - Extends life of vacuum filter
• Static conductive hose and cyclone - Ideal for wood dust collection
• Uses standard bags - Easy disposal of dust
• Non-marking wheels - Will not damage sanding surface