Pall-X Clear

1-component waterborne sealer with no color altering tone; clear

 Great for Clear, Natural Looks

VIDEO: Watch the Pall-X Clear Application Video

Pall-X Clear is a single component waterborne sealer that seals raw or stained wood and helps add a layer of protection to your floor. Pall-X 325 is ideal when a clear, light tone appearance is desired. This sealer is recommended when a white or pastel stain is used prior to application of the final costs of finish.

  • Application
  • Properties

Features and Benefits

  • Fast drying, easy application – Saves time, very forgiving
  • Clear when dry – Allows all wood species natural color to come through
  • Excellent build & leveling – Great foundation for Pallmann waterborne finishes
  • Can be abraded – Reduces time of inter coat abrading finishes
  • Good penetration / filling qualities – minimizes risk of side bonding