Pallmann Hardwood Floor Care Center Display

Includes everything to maintain a beautiful hardwood floor.

 Item #69108


  • Pallmann® Hardwood Floor Cleaning Kit – Kit contains Pallmann’s proprietary, residue-free cleaner specifically designed for cleaning all types of urethane finished hardwood floors including Magic Oil® finished floors, 4-pc quick connect handle, Sturdy, plastic mop base w/hook & loop feature, Microfiber cleaning pad, Microfiber dusting pad and Floor care guide. 32 kits per display
  • Pallmann® Hardwood Floor Cleaner 32oz spray – This is our proprietary, residue-free blend for use on all urethane finished floors and Magic Oil® finished floors. 12 bottles per display
  • Pallmann® Microfiber Cleaning Pad – We use a special microfiber blend that delivers aggressive cleaning action and absorption without causing ‘drag’ for the user. 16 pads per display
  • Pallmann® Microfiber Dust Pad – Statically charged microfibers lift and attract dust and allergens. 16 pads per display
  • Pallmann® Floor Care Guides – Provides cleaning tips and information on caring for hardwood floors. 25 per display

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Dimensions with header:  70"H x 28"W x 20"D

Weight:  175#

Comes fully assembled. Just remove shipping carton and install header.