Pallmann King Cobra 10" Belt Sander

Powerful motor and wide 10" belt for fast and efficient sanding.

 Item #75501

Powerful 5 HP 10'' belt sander.  The King Cobra comes with many innovative new features including left and right drum levers, LED ready light, upgraded fine feathering handle, carrying handles front and rear and a totally enclosed aluminum-finned German motor with slow start capability.  The unit's single drive belt technology is unique in the industry and delivers maximum power transfer to the drum.

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Features & Benefits

  • Heavy duty construction - Long-lasting durability
  • Single serpentine drive belt - Provides maximum power to drum
  • Industry best feathering handle - Smooth, easy drum operation
  • High fan capacity - Super-effective dust suction
  • Infinite sanding pressure adjustment - Correct surface preparation
  • Detachable handle and motor - Easy to transport
  • External sanding belt adjustment - Safer operation


Cobra 10'' Belt Sander Tool Bag, Dust Bag, Travel Base, 50 ft Cord, DCS Hose Connection Adaptor, Additional Serpentine Belt