Pallmann P25 Leveling Compound

Self-leveling underlayment and smoothing compound.

 Rapid Setting Underlayment


Universal, self-leveling underlayment and smoothing compound with Level Plus+ Effect designed for wood floor installations.

Suitable for/on:

  • Producing level, absorbent, flat and smooth surfaces for hardwood flooring
  • A smoothing layer over structurally sound solid concrete in new construction or renovation projects above, on or below grade
  • A smoothing layer over existing hard surface flooring such as well-bonded terrazzo, ceramic tile, stone and epoxy coatings
  • New, sound, OSB underlayment or equally rated subfloor materials
  • Existing substrates such as thin and dense non water-soluble adhesive residues on concrete including asphalt mastic residues
  • High stress loads in residential, commercial and industrial locations such as hospitals, shopping centers, industrial facilities, etc.
  • Radiant floor heating systems

  • Application
  • Properties

Features & Benefits

  • Level Plus+ Effect - Superior flow characteristics
  • 1/16” – 1” depth range - Versatile, can be extended with sand
  • Pumpable - Minimizes time and effort
  • Fast setting - Accelerates floor covering installation
  • Low stress - Ability to cover difficult substrates
  • Shear resistant under wood - Suitable for all glue-down wood flooring applications
  • Overwatering stability - Extended safety range for mixing
  • Very high compressive and tensile strength - Exceeds most floor covering manufacturer recommendations
  • EMICODE EC 1 R PLUS / Greater jobsite flexibility, very low emission PLUS
  • Designed for exceptional wood floor adhesive bonding
  • Long working time