Pallmann P7 Adhesive

1-component polyurethane rapid-setting wood flooring adhesive.

 Polyurethane With Superior Green Grab

Video: Watch Pallmann P7 in action!

Pallmann P7 is a 1-component polyurethane rapid-setting adhesive with firm ridging and superior green grab.  It’s foam expansion technology reduces the chances of hollow spots making it suitable for the installation of all types of wood flooring.  It is solvent and water-free, eliminating any swelling effect on moisture sensitive wood flooring species. 

Recommended for/on:

  • Prefinished and unfinished engineered wood flooring with no width or length restrictions
  • Solid flooring with no width or length restrictions
  • Pallmann P7 is recommended for use on sound wood, concrete and gypsum concrete (including radiant heat floor systems.

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